At GW Capital Group, we strive to stay abreast of the latest taxation law changes. In doing so, it ensures that our clients get the most accurate advice possible. We have structured our range of accounting services to suit the needs of our clients.


GW Capital Group provides a holistic review examining six areas:

1) Your business wealth

2) Tax planning

3) Wealth and investment

4) Income protection and insurance

5) Use of technology

6) Succession and estate planning




  • ATO lodgement obligations for all legal entities (e.g. company, individuals, trust etc)
  • Tax & CGT consulting & planning
  • Tax effective structure set up and advisory service
  • Project specific advice & structure
  • International tax, non tax resident
  • Indirect taxes, stamp duty, GST, payroll tax, and FBT
  • ATO benchmark review
  • Tax audit, objectives, and review
  • Tax minimisation strategy

Corporate & Business Services

  • Business succession and strategic planning
  • Business valuation
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecast
  • Debt vs equity review
  • Internal business restructuring advice
  • Company ASIC & ASX services
  • Self-managed Superannuation fund
  • Accounting system implementation
  • Statutory report and audit files preparation

Personal Level

  • Estate planning and personal taxes
  • General insurance advice
  • Personal wealth/ asset protection strategy
  • Debt review
  • General investment advice
  • Income tax returns




Mandatory Lodgement Program with Governmental Bodies

ATO: Income Tax Return, BAS, IAS, PAYG, and FBT for Company, Trust, Partnership, Non-Profit, and Individuals

ASIC: Annual review and all corporate secretarial filings

ASX: Facilitating Continuous Disclosure Frameworks under Listing Rules 3.1 – 3.1B

State Revenue: Land tax advice, Payroll Tax lodgement and business transaction stamp duty (or exemption) application for all States and Territories of Australia. 

Need help with the aforementioned areas? Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly advisors now!

Business Consulting, Tax Advisory & Personal Wealth Protection

At GW Capital Group, we are committed to working with you as your financial partner to achieve:

ObjectivesCommon ChallengesWhat We Offer
Financial Freedom

How much my business is worth.

New business acquisition.

Improve bottom line and methodical business valuation models
Tax Minimisation

What information do I include for a banking funding request?

How do I achieve tax deductible debt E.g. Negatively geared investments?

Close relationship with banking section and provide detailed bank funding proposal writing.

In-debt analysis and planning of your Assets & Liabilities Statements. 

Personal Wealth & Asset Protection

What if... My personal assets were attached?

What if... My Will is challenged?

Effective legal ownership, net worth monitoring.

Effective estate planning & administration of estate tax affairs. 


 We have a broad network of professional alliances which enable you to access the following services, either via our firm or through yourselves directly:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Property settlement
  • Legal assistance
  • Business succession and estate planning
  • Migration service, visa 457
  • Debt review and bank financing/ refinancing
  • Equipment financing
  • Insurance
  • Recruitment/ HR advice
  • Specific financial advice